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Calcium Leucovorin Injection USP/IP 15 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg Anti cancer
Carboplatin Injection  BP 10 mg, 50 mg , 150 mg , 450 mg vial Anti cancer
Cisplatin Injection BP 10 mg/ 10 ml, 50 mg / 50 ml vial Anti cancer
Cyclophosphamide for Injection USP/IP 200 mg, 500 mg, 1 gm Vial Anti cancer
Dactinomycin for Injection USP 0.5 mg vial Anti cancer
Docetaxel for Injection (Lyophilized) with solvent IHS/EP 20 mg, 80 mg, 120 mg vial combipack Anti cancer
Doxorubicin Injection BP/IP (Lyophilized) 10 mg, 50 mg vial Anti cancer
Epirubicin for Injection BP 10 mg, 50 mg vial Anti cancer
Etoposide Injection USP/IP 100 mg/5 ml vial Anti cancer
Fluorouracil Injection BP/IP 50mg/100mg, 250 mg/5 ml , 500 mg/ 10 ml Vial/Amp Anti cancer
Gefitinib tablets 250 mg tablets Anti cancer
Gemctitabine for Injection (Lyophilized) USP 200 mg, 1 gm vial Anti cancer
Ifosfamide for Injection + Mesna Injection USP 1 gm  + 3 x 200 mg /2 ml ,  2 gm  + 6 x 200 mg /2 ml, 3 gm  + 9 x 200 mg /2 ml vial + ampoule in a combipack Anti cancer
Ifosfamide for Injection USP 1 gm, 2 gm, 3 gm vial Anti cancer
L-Asparginase for Injection IHS 5000 IU, 10000 IU vial Anti cancer
Oxaliplatin Injection BP 50 mg / 25 ml , 100 mg / 50 ml vial Anti cancer
Temizolomide Capsules  20 mg, 100 mg, 250 mg capsules Anti cancer
Vincristine Sulphate 1mg/2mg Anti cancer
Amiphostine Inj  500mg/vial Anti cancer
Anastrazole 1mg Tabs  Anti cancer
Bendamustine 100mg Anti cancer
Bicalutamide Tablets  50mg  Anti cancer
Bortezomib 2 mg, 3.5 mg /vial Anti cancer
Capacitabine Tablets  500mg Anti cancer
Dasatinib 20/50/70mg Tabs  Anti cancer
Erlotinib 100mg/150mg Tab Anti cancer
Filgrastim Injection 3mg Anti cancer
Ganciclovir 250 mg Caps Anti cancer
Gemcitabine Hydrochloride Injection 200mg/1000mg Anti cancer
Hommoharringtonine Injection 1mg/2mg Anti cancer
Hydroxyurea Capsules 500mg Anti cancer
Ibandronate Inj 6 mg/vial Anti cancer
Imatinib mesylate tablets 100 mg, 400 mg tablets Anti cancer
Ixabepilone 15/45mg Anti cancer
Lapatinib 250mg Tabs  Anti cancer
Lenalidomide 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 25 mg caps Anti cancer
Lenalidomide 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 25 mg caps Anti cancer
Letrozole 2.5mg Tabs Anti cancer
Leuprolide Depot Injection 3.75mg/7.5mg Anti cancer
Leuprorelin Acetate Inj (1mg/0.5ml & 4mg/4ml) Anti cancer
Levoleucovorin 50mg Anti cancer
Methotrexate Injection 5mg/50mg Anti cancer
Methotrexate Tablets  2.5mg  Anti cancer
Paclitaxel Injection USP/IP 30 mg/5 ml, 100 mg/16.7 ml, 260 mg / 43.4 ml vial  Anti cancer
Palonosetron Inj. 0.25 mg Anti cancer
Pegylated Filgrastim Injection 6mg PFS Anti cancer
Pegylated Liposomal Doxorubicin IHS 20 mg/10 ml vial Anti cancer
Pemetrexed 100 mg, 500 mg /vial Anti cancer
Pemetrexed Disodium 250mg/500mg Anti cancer
Sorafenib 200mg Tabs  Anti cancer
Sunitinib 50mg Tabs Anti cancer
Tamoxifen Citrate Tablets  10mg/20mg  Anti cancer
Temozolamide 100mg/250mg Capsules Anti cancer
Thalidomide 50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg capsules Anti cancer
Tigecycilne 50 mg/vial Anti cancer
Zoledronic acid 4mg/vial Anti cancer
Ibandronate capsules 50 mg , 150 mg caps Anti cancer
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