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As a leading indenter globally Archerchem has become a name to be reckon with. With a successful indenting experience over a decade in pharma  API and Intermediates for internationally renowned companies , it came in contacts with leading manufacturers of formulations whose plants are WHO cGMP approved. Thus born an idea to diversify the activities into exports of formulations for latest molecules under different therapeutic segments.

The facilities offered by associates covers  the entire gamut of formulation manufacturing such as tablets, capsules , lyophilized injections/ dry powder injections , pellets, oral liquids, ointments and  creams. The therapeutic segments covered are anti infectives, anticancer drugs, cardiovascular, antihypertensive, NSAIDS, anti malarial and  antioxidants.Our focus is on providing value added services by offering world class generic products all across the globe at affordable prices to serve the suffering humanity.

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