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Oils List

" Products protected by valid patents are not offered for sale in countries, where the sale of such products constitutes a patent infrigement and its liability is entirely at buyer's risk and we are not responsible for any infrigement."  
Agarwood oil
Ajowan oil
Almond sweet / virgin oil 
Aloe vera oil
Amyris oil
Angelica roots / seed oil
Anise oil
Apricot kernel carrier oil
Armoise oil 
Asafetida oil
Avocada oil
Basil oil
Bay dec. Oil
Bergamote italy oil
Birch rect. Oil 
Borage oil
Buchu betulina oil
Buchu oil
Cabreuva oil
Cajuput oil
Calamus oil
Camphor white 35% oil
Cananga java oil
Caraway oil
Cardamom oil
Carrot seed oil 
Cascarilla bark oil
Cassia oil
Cedar leaf oil 
Cedarwood oil
Celery seed oil
Chamomile oil
Cinnamon bark / leaf oil 
Cistus spain oil
Citrata oil
Citronella oil 
Civet natural
Clary sage oil
Clementine oil
Clove bud /leaf /stem oil
Coconut carrier oil
Cognac green /white oil
Copaiba oil
Coriander seed oil 
Costus roots oil
Cucumber oil
Cumin oil
Cypress oil
Cypriol oil
Davana oil
Dill leaf oil
Elemi oil
Eucalyptus oil
Evening primrose oil
Fennel oil
Galbanum oil
Garlic oil
Gerenium oil
Ginger oil
Gingergrass oil
Grape fruit/ seed oil
Guayacwood oil
Gurjum oil
Hazel nut oil
Hysoop oil
Jojoba carrier oil
Juniper berry oil
Kapoor kachari oil
Laurel leaf oil
Lavender Oil
Lemon oil
Lemongrass oil
Lime distilled oil 
Litsea cubeba oil
Lovage leaf /root oil
Macadamia carrier oil
Mace oil
Majoram spain oil
Mandarin green /yellow oil
Melissa oil
Mentha arvensis dementholized oil
Mentha piperita oil
Mentha usa willamette oil
Mint terpenes
Moringa oil
Myrrh oil
Myrtle oil
Neem oil
Neroli oil
Niaouli oil
Nutmeg oil 
Olibanum oil
Olive carrier oil
Onion oil
Opoponax oil
Orange bitter / sweet oil
Origanum carvacrol type oil
Palmarosa oil
Parsley leaf / seed oil
Patchouli oil
Peach kernel carrier oil
Peanut carrier oil
Pennyroyal oil
Pepper oil
Petitgrain oil
Pimento berry oil pimento leaf oil
Pine black oil
Rose oil
Rosehip oil
Rosemary oil
Rosewood oil
Sage officinalis 30% oil
Sage spain oil
Sandalwood oil
Sassafras oil
Savory oil
Sesame seed (refined) oil
Soya bean carrier oil
Spearmint oil
Spikenard oil
Star aniseed oil 
Sty rax oil
Sunflower oil
Sweet almond carrier oil
Sweet cherry kernel carrier oil
Tagete oil
Tarragon oil
Tea tree oil
Thuja oil
Thyme red/white oil
Turmeric oil
Turpentine oil
Valerian root oil
Vanilla beans
Verbena morocco oil
Vetiver oil
Walnut oil
Water melon oil
Wheatgerm carrier oil
Wintergreen oil
Wormwood high/ low  tuyone oil
Yarrow oil 
Ylang extra oil
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