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Our purpose is to keep up with the latest technological advancements that happen in the field of medical sciences. We also work constantly to maintain our reputation of enabling affordable healthcare solutions through innovation and developing niche medicines. We take pride of making such innovation available at an affordable cost, but we will never be able to do it without support of our customers and partner.

We work on a custom designed supply chain model through a global network of channel partners, starting from sourcing of crude and advanced intermediates/bulk drugs and other materials to our logistic partners and end customers in over 15 countries. Further, we aim at expanding our business operations in order to be more accessible and to meet the needs of patients more efficiently, with an effective and sustainable supply of quality and affordable healthcare solutions.

Why partner with us?


Commercialization partner for technocrats and innovators

Due to our extensive and well-established network of supply chain and preferred distributors, we’re the top choice for innovators to come together and collaborate in order to make their innovation a commercial success. We have the proven skill sets to commercially integrate the products in the global value chain ecosystem.


Strong financial support from partners

We are open to opportunities for partnership and JV wherein we can bring scalability, longevity and global efficiency along with local knowledge resource and acumen to help successfully deliver desired outcomes.Due to ourproven time tested approach, we always have the desired support from our investors and financial partners.


Solicitous acquirer and strategic partner

We work very closely with our partners to understand the specific and subjective needs of the segment and circumstances surrounding each of our partners. This helps maintain higher working standards and develop harmonious working environment through close relationships with our Partners.


Long standing reputation and goodwill

Over the years, Archerchem Group has been able to garner a positive goodwill in the industry through its ethical and fair dealings amongst the partners. We, therefore proudly associate our name and brand with our partners and collaborators. This help enhance the reputation of our partners and collectively benefit all stakeholders in the journey.